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Puss in Boots Jewelry

Puss in Boots Gold Pendant Charm
This 1960s Italian 18 karat gold pendant listed for $799.99. Measures about 1-5/8 inches x 3/4 inches. Enameled gold.

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Puss In Boots Moving Gold Charm

Vintage NORMA Signed Sterling Silver Pat Pend "Puss in Boots" Cat Brooch Pin


Nursery Rhyme Sterling Silver Pendant Charm Vintage c1960 tbj04547

Trivia: Puss in Boots is also known as Master Cat.

Vintage Enamel Charm Moveable Pendant

Vintage Brooch Puss In Boots Cat Retro Kitsch 60s Mid Century Pantomime

COOL Gold Plated real sterling silver Cat charm Jewelry Hat The Ki

Trivia: The Dreamworks movie was nominated for an Academy Award.

Gold Plated real sterling silver Cat charm Jewelry Hat The Kitty

- fairytale/panto charm necklace with a theme

LOOK Gold Plated real sterling silver Cat charm Jewelry Hat The Ki

COOL Cat Pendant charm Sterling Silver Jewelry

Trivia: Puss in Boots is sometimes called The Booted Cat.

Cat Pendant charm Sterling Silver Jewelry

LOOK Cat Kitten in shoe charm Sterling Silver

LOOK Cat Pendant charm Sterling Silver Jewelry

Trivia: The Puss in Boots story dates back to at least 1550.

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"JJ" Jonette Jewelry Silver Pewter ' - CAT' Pin

Handsome Festooned Brasstne Adventurous Cat Necklace Brooch Pin

Vintage,Enamel Puss In Boots Pin


PUSS in BOOTS new italian photo 9mm Charm for modular link bracelets

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Shrek Movie Figure Puss In Boots Kitty Shrek Donkey Keyring Keychain Charm

9MM ITALIAN CHARM LINK tabby kitten orange big eyed cat

Pendants Kitty Cat Charms Kitten Feline Puss In Boots Cat Collar Pussy Cat Lover

Gift Puss In Boots Brooch Pin Crystal Christmas Stockings Badge Costume Jewelry

LOOK Super RARE Eisenberg Orginal Story Book Collection Fur Clip

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Puss in Boots Watches

Puss in Boots Locket

This beautiful locket and necklace shows the classic Puss in Boots from child-hood poems and fairytale. Famous artist Bonnie Reid did the stunning artwork with her detailed depiction of Puss N Boots.

The silver framed image is on a brass locket. The story starts on the outside and then continues insider when the locket is opened. Just wonderful!

Features brass bead accents and silver plated necklace.
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