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*** Puss in Boots 2: Nine Lives & 40 Thieves by Dreamworks is coming in December 2018 ***

The Puss in Boots movie was great! Here was the preview to rekindle your interest in our favorite swashbuckling cat (please be patient for a slow load).

Did you know the Puss in Boots cat is over 300 years old?!

What we know as Puss in Boots began as a French story in the late 17th century. (Although the Italians now claim the story began in Italy in the 16th century). Regardless of where the story started, it is about a smart, tricky, and conniving cat who uses his talents to gain wealth and power.

Hmmm, not much has changed in more than 300 years!

Today, the loveable Puss has been the subject of many books. You may have had one as a child.

Now, many know this favorite cat from the Shrek movies. The personable and flirtashish cat will get his own fun movie in 2011.

Here you will everything from costumes and hats to dolls and DVDs to books and toys.

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Need a gift idea for your favorite Puss in Boots fan? (By the way, is that you?)

Consider these unique and wonderful ideas:

- DVDs. Laugh. Have fun. Enjoy Puss in Boots anytime you want.

- Puss in Boots doll. Not just for children, toys are great collectors items.

- A hat. Be cool and stylin'.
The Puss in Boots movie was released a few years ago but is still a lot of fun.

The kids love it!

Puss in Boots also starred in the Shrek prequel movie. Antonio Banderas was again the voice of Puss, and Salma Hayek was his love interest.